Celtic culture has a long history of storytelling, and myths and legends have always been a huge part of their heritage. Daryl creates an interactive storytelling experience that touches the hearts of audiences of all ages.


Join Daryl and other actors in immersive adventures that make you the main character of your own story. Enter magical lands where anything is possible and discover the power of a truly immersive experience.


Original music with powerful stories and messages. Whether singins about travelling the sea, or just how it feels to truly connect to another person, Daryl’s lyrics and melodies will touch your heart.


Whatever your special occasion is, Daryl will add magic to your event. From custom weddings to special celebrations, Daryl creates the right memorable rituals to commemorate what you find special.

Upcoming Events

Norse Mythology Meetup

The second Friday of every month, we will have a traditional Norse gathering at the Rainy Day Emporium in Ogden, UT.

A couple of items that can be expected at each monthly gathering:

Greetings: Each member will share what they have conquered or are celebrating this month in their life and we will toast to their accomplishments.

Lore: Each month one member will share a tale or myth in whatever way they see fit. This can be song, poem, storytelling, etc.

Ceremony: Each gathering we will have one member lead us in a ceremony or ritual with a specific theme.

Discover: Each month we will have a member teach us something from Nordic tradition. This month will be a basic introduction to the Elder Futhark runes.

Business: Addressing any business that needs to be brought to the group.

Bring a drink or snack to share if you feel inspired to do so. but this is not required.

Ogden Art Stroll

Join Line of Sight for original Celtic Fusion/Folk music the first Friday of every month as part of the Ogden Art Stroll. Enjoy historic 25th street in Ogden, get to know local artists, and come into Rainy Day Emporium to hear heart warming original music.

The Seeker's Quest 2020

Your wits, strength, resolve, and character will be stretched to their limits on your quest to rescue the most powerful being in the universe, who has somehow been trapped

You are the hero and will choose which realms to explore, who to interact with, what challenges to accept and create your path as you take your journey. There will be guides, but the success of this quest is in your hands.