The Path of The


Every culture around the world has some form of shamanic practices in their history. At its core, shamanism is founded in principles of harmony with the world around you, connection to energies through out creation, and creating a peaceful coexistence.


Whatever traditions you follow, we can help you incorporate shamanic practices to become a powerful conduit for peace in our world.

The Tenants of Shamanism

Connection to Your Higher Self

The foundation of peace, harmony, and connection start deep inside one’s self. The shaman learns how to recognize and follow the omens that are spoken through the soul and trust their intuition as the most reliable source for guidance.

Harmony with Nature

The shaman seeks to understand and live in harmony with our natural world. The shamanic path relies on elemental powers, communication with natural spirits, and learning to flow with natural cycles in our own lives.

Communing with other realms

The shaman becomes a conduit for energies often unseen and a vessel for mystical gifts. Learning to create harmonious relationships with beings, powers, and forces in other realms is a big part of the shamanic way of life.

Ritual and ceremony

Even the most mundane parts of life are sacred to the shaman. learning to create meaningful rituals and ceremonies adds a sacred magical element to any experience. These are tools to align the body, mind, and heart to one focused purpose.

connecting with communities

A shaman seeks to create connections with others that are lifting. Shamans learn to ineteract with groups and individuals in wyas that show respect, kindness, and gratitude no matter who they are interacting with. Connection with others involves celebrating, group event, individual practices, and other gatherings that promote peace and harmony.